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Recruitment Models

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Recruitment Models

We offer a range of recruitment models, to fit you and your business' needs. Our experienced team will help you select the  recruitment model to best support you.

Temporary / Casual

This flexible workforce is available on an “on-call” basis. This model can assist with covering the peaks and troughs that exist in relation to seasonal and market fluctuations.

Temporary to Permanent 

This model is based on an employee being placed within an organisation full time, for three months. Within this three month period charges are based on the temporary placement fee structure. Upon completion of these conditions and provided the invoice terms have been met, there will be no additional fees payable should you wish to employ the candidate yourselves. One week’s written notice is required of this intention. A sliding scale of fees is also available should you wish to employ the candidate prior to the completion of the three month period. This option allows you to employ new staff without the need to formalise employment until you are fully satisfied with the selection.


Through the use of web based advertising, network contacts and our existing candidate database, we will source the most suitable candidates, complete initial interviews, skill test and reference check and provide a brief of this process. Our team will work with you to fully understand the skills required for the position, as well as the character and cultural fit.


We work in collaboration with a Registered Training Organisation and can offer pre-employment, accredited and non-accredited training to develop the skills of our candidates as well as support you in the development of your own workforce.

Our Pre-Employment Training is a cost neutral service, the training is tailor made to suit your industry and recruitment requirements. Asset Personnel consult with Job Network providers and select and prepare candidates for your organisation.

A recruitment model to suit every role

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